maandag 4 juni 2018


(Join Task Force 2)

Viam Inveniemus = We will find a way -- or we will make one!

Bosnia 1994:
JTF2 forces were inserted into Bosnia, operating in two-to-four-man teams hunting for Serbian snipers who were targeting UN forces at the sniper alley. They were scheduled to free approximately 55 hostages in Operation Freedom 55, but the mission was cancelled in 1995 as the Bosnian Serbs released all the prisoners voluntarily.


Left sign: Pas op SNIPER in Servisch geschreven.


338. Nice piece of kit
Dead before you hear the sound, dead before you hit the ground.

Here again: 338. kit reliable and secure.

Batch from the Canadian Special Operations Regiment
Audeamus =  We dare / Wij durven.



For seven months lived as a beast in the woods. Hunt and be hunted. After almost 25 years the consequences can still be felt. 7 months that will never be forgotten.

Facta Non Verba: ...... Deeds, Not Words / Daden, geen woorden.

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